School Safety Initiatives and Best Practices

School Safety Initiatives: As we embrace our BUSD mission of “Creating Healthy, Inspiring, Motivating, Developing, Achieving Graduates ~ “Our Way of Life,” and model our BUSD vision of “Our students will be loved, encouraged, and prepared to take on the world by embracing our “HIMDAG”, school safety procedures and protocols is a testament to our school community coming together and committing to achieve our mission and vision. 

School Safety Initiative Team

Officer Heilig: School Resource Officer
Andrea Trias: Community Project Manager
Deedrick Martinez: ESS Director
Ann Corden: SEL Director
Ben Sabala: Assistant to School Superintendent
Ruben Diaz: School Superintendent
Tanya Suydam: Principal Baboquivari Middle/High School
Jennifer Enriquez: Principal Indian Oasis Primary Campus
Jolynn Begay Lewis: Principal Baboquivari Intermediate School
Barrett Fox: Principal at Indian Oasis Middle/High School
Lt. Delgado: T.O Police Department
James Gonzalez: Border Patrol Representative
Martin Arnold: Interim Fire Chief
Linda Fayuant: T.O Behavioral Health Representative
Julia Chavez: Arizona Complete Health Representative


  • Thank you to all who participated in the Southern Arizona School Safety Consortium. Please see helpful resources for more details regarding the event.
  • Thank you to all who participated in the School Lockdown and Fire Drill Procedures for quarter 2. We appreciate your efforts and commitment towards school safety.
  • The Crisis Prevention Intervention Team ( CPI) will provide makeup certifications in January 2023. Stay tuned for additional details.
  • Thank you to all who have participated with the CPI Certification. Great News! We have 4 to 5 CPI-certified representatives per site at Baboquivari Unified School District #40.