Meal Prices

Adult Lunches: $3.75
Adult Breakfast: $2.50


SFE - Leading provider of K-12 Child Nutrition

Food Services
vegetables in heart shape

At Baboquivari Unified School District #40, we provide healthy, nutritious meals that support lowering diabetes and obesity, including fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed foods, all while eliminating sugar-laden flavored milks. Our children are served wholegrain breads, buns and pastas, and lean meats low in sodium and sulfites.

We provide healthy, traditional O'odham meals daily at all schools. In an effort to support the return to a more traditional O’odham lifestyle, we have received grants that provide financial resources to help develop partnerships with local food sources that incorporate traditional O’odham foods.

Food Services Staff

Director of Food Services
Oscar Acosta
Phone: 520.891.6365

Indian Oasis Elementary School - Primary Campus
Phone: 520.719.1230

Indian Oasis Elementary School - Intermediate Campus
Phone: 520.719.1240

Baboquivari High School/Indian Oasis High School/Indian Oasis Middle School
Phone: 520.719.1250